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Viewing Grades in Sapphire

With the second quarter coming to an end January 18 for Middle and High School, now is a great time to request a parent/guardian Sapphire Community Portal account, if you do not already have one. The Sapphire Community Portal allows you to view grades, other pertinent student information such as attendance, and electronic forms to be completed.

The Sapphire Community Portal is accessible from our website or directly at

To request a new account, visit the Sapphire Community Portal and click “Apply for a Sapphire Community Portal account” under Login and complete the instructions in the email you received from your school. If you no longer have this email or need technology support, please email for assistance.

If you already have a Sapphire account, click “Go to My Backpack” for each student to view their information. If you have not submitted the form to opt your student out of having photos taken for District publications, you will find this form in "My Backpack."