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Continued Instructional Plan

Dear Schuylkill Valley Families,

The District's team has been working on designing virtual instruction during this very difficult time. In our ongoing effort to provide this instruction, we will continue our virtual lessons with some modifications. In order to include meaningful, new learning and in order to prepare for what could be continued school closures, the learning expectations for students will change toward the end of next week. From Wednesday, April 1st - Friday, April 3rd,  all Schuylkill Valley teachers will have virtual instructional opportunities that follow a unified framework that supports our students and their families during this unique time. This framework will continue after our Spring Break should Governor Wolf extend school closures. 

The learning requirements for the students beginning April 1st are that they participate and complete all instructional activities that the teachers post. We believe that it is important for us to keep student learning moving forward during this time so there will be new learning included in these activities. These activities will be reviewed and marked for completion. The learning framework will look like this:

-Our teachers are preparing recorded lessons and virtual communications.

-Each teacher will prepare three (3)  pre-recorded lessons per content area each week.

-These lessons will be embedded in their Google classrooms (or contacted by the teacher) to enhance their virtual instruction.

-K and Grade 1 instruction will look a little different and will be communicated through Mr. Crills and the teachers. 

Ongoing communication is equally important. Therefore, each teacher will host office hours throughout the week. Your child’s teachers will communicate with families early next week to detail their specific classrooms and office hours. As always, the teachers will be available to communicate with families via email throughout the week. Counselors will have extended office hours also. 

We are committed to provide stability and offer instructional support through this difficult time. In addition to our teachers, school counselors and administration are here to support our families. As we navigate the next few weeks please feel free to reach out for assistance if needed. 

Thank you and stay safe -

Dr. Cindy Mierzejewski