Electronic Excuse Note

  • The elementary school accepting excuse notes electronically.  If your son/daughter is absent, the email address for submitting an electronic excuse for absence to our office is esabsence@schuylkillvalley.org.  You can even send a picture of a doctor’s excuse note to this address.

    This address is also posted on our elementary school website for your convenience.  The email must be received from the email address that we have on file for you (the parent), and you must include:

     1)     your full name,

    2)      the child’s first and last name,

    3)      the dates of the absence, and 

    4)      the reason for the absence.

    Again, the email address that we have on file must be used to send the notes.  Otherwise, we cannot accept this form of communication.  Please call the Elementary school office @ 610-926-4165 if you need to update your contact information.