• Here are some learning activities that your child may complete through 3/27/20. Some activities will be linked through my Google Classroom page, but I have also listed some activities that do not require internet access. These activities will not be graded.


    Here is a video showing you how you can access Google Classroom from home. Students use this regularly and are familiar with the websites that are on it.



    More How To's (connecting chromebooks to wifi, how to sign in to Google Chrome, navigate Google Classroom, ect.):



    Google Classroom Activities  (more descriptions will be provided once your child is in Google Classroom):

    *Some of these activities are under other topics (Xtramath and i-Ready are under the math tab).

    • Writing Prompts - can be typed in Google slides
    • Spelling Menu activities
    • Compare and Contrast activities
    • Earth's Forces Research - research on PebbleGo and create a poster
    • Listening to Reading - EPIC, Storyline Online, ect.
    • Xtramath - Fact practice
    • i-Ready - Math practice
    • Time to 5 Minutes - learning slides
    • Coin Review - Practice slides
    • AR tests - Read a book and take a comprehension test on it
    • 1S1B - Reread The World According to Humphrey (can be listened to online)
    • Typing practice
    • BrainPop Jr. videos, quizzes, and activities.


    Other activities:

    *Unit 4 spelling, high-frequency words, and vocab words are located under the Spelling and Vocabulary tab.

    *You may also check out the Interesting Web Resources tab.

    • Count money
    • Practice telling time
    • Practice math flashcards
    • Practice 2-digit addition/subtraction
    • Create your own math word problems
    • Read a book
    • Read a story to your family
    • Write a story/create a book
    • Create poetry
    • Compare and contrast two things you find around your house
    • Write spelling words - rainbow write, squiggle letters, bubble letters, secret code, ect.
    • Practice vocabulary words
    • Practice high-frequency words
    • Practice cursive