• Ms. Patricia Lacey

    email:  placey@schuylkillvalley.org

    Phone: 610-916-5529

    Business Education is an essential part of the student’s comprehensive academic program. Its mission is to foster the problem solving skills that are necessary for success in the 21st Century.   These skills are fostered through a curriculum centered on innovative technology, global business and economic concepts and legal principles.  A creative learning environment that meets the learning styles of all students is used to achieve the goals of the business education program.

    Need help?   Mrs. Lacey is available period 2 in room D15.

    Grading Policies and Procedures:  Students are responsible for checking Google classroom and the class calendar for assignment due dates.   All grades are valued using a point system.   Students should check Sapphire for an up to date grade in the class.  Students will be assessed through projects, quizzes, and classwork. Students will be graded on their ability to apply the concepts contained in each lesson.

    Absences and Makeup Work:  Students have one cycle to complete missed assignments.