• Mrs. Wysocki's Sixth Grade Language Arts Class

    Welcome to my class page. Abraham Lincoln, one of my favorite presidents, said, "The things I want to know are in books."  In sixth grade, we take a journey through a variety of genres while learning about literary elements. Students read and write daily in their interactive notebooks while discussing themes and utilizing strategies for deeper comprehension. In addition, students write responses to literature, formal essays, and informal pieces. Sometimes they write messages to each other on the desktops!

     Students are required to read four self-selected AR books each quarter. The dates can be found at the bottom of this page. If your child needs help finding an interesting book, I will be more than happy to help! I have many favorite books, and my classroom library is loaded with excellent, engaging literature. If your child reads 25 books in nine different genres, he/she will earn an opportunity to pie the principal in May. 

    If at any time during the year, you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 610-916-5457. I am here to work with you to give your child the best school year ever. 


    Email:  cwysocki@schuylkillvalley.org