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    Welcome to 6th Grade Geography

    I have been teaching Geography at SVMS for over 19 years. I love learning about the world and its people. I continue to take courses on a regular basis to stay current and to learn new teaching strategies. In 2005, I was honored to receive the Keystones Technology Integrator award. 

    Here you will find links to review games, class documents, extra credit otpions and more! The review games are very helpful when preparing for tests and quizzes. The course will focus on the Foundations of Geography, learning about the region of the United States and Canada and the region of Latin America. To access the 6th grade assignment calendar, click on the link in the menu to the right.

    Email: jsyret@schuylkillvalley.org

    Phone: 610-926-7111

Calendar: Click on the 6th Grade Assignment Calendar link