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    We have such wonderful educational opportunities here at Schuylkill Valley and as educators we are lucky to have such fabulous students who are willing to take risks and experience the struggle of learning with us. After twenty years at the middle level, I have learned that reading is the most important skill for students to develop. In sixth grade, we work very hard to instill a love of reading for all students. Through classroom read alouds, silent sustained reading, and Accelerated Reading requirements, the students are given plenty of opportunities to practice that skill and find books that are interesting to them. If you are looking for some interesting suggestions for a new book or genre, please ask me! I have lots of great suggestions!

    This website will guide you through the ELA course requirements, provide resources for a successful shool year, and highlight helpful games, tips and sites to support the ELA instruction given in class.

    There is also Ski and Snowboard Club information that will be provided in the fall for students who are interested in joining the club this year. Listen for announcements and see me if you have any questions.

    Yearbook Club information will be distributed to club members as needed. We will meet on Days 4 and 6 of the cycle.

    We have a unique opportunity in our classes to not only discover new skills in Language Arts, but to also incorporate chromebook technology to evaluate and synthesize the information as the students are learning. The technology has enhanced our classroom experiences and will continue to provide the students with 21st century skills that will guide them though this ever changing world. I am looking forward to a wonderful school year with you!

    Books are the Windows to the World


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