• Establish a safe, learning environment for all students
    • Teach students to be independent and responsible
    • Model and teach social skills
    • Maintain high expectations for all students
    • Prepare students for their adult lives
    • Individualize education to meet student’s unique needs
    • Have fun every day



          Every student is unique and has special needs which may not mirror that of their peers, so this classroom offers a safe place where all of the students can feel welcome and secure.

          The main goal for every student in this classroom is to become responsible, young adults.  The students learn very quickly what independence means and what it looks like.  

          Students are taught life and employment skill to prepare them for independent living.  All content is taught with functional living as the goal. 

           Routine, repetition and consistent procedure help to create a safe and secure learning environment where student are more likely to take chances.

           With all that said,  we don’t let one period go by without smiling or laughing.  The goal is for the students to enjoy their days at school while getting the most out of their educational experience.