• Joining the 4th Grade Band

    Welcome to the instrumental music program.  Listed below is important information on how to join the elementary band.  Please scroll down and read all the information.  If you have questions please contact me at the elementary school.

    • All fourth grade classes will be given an instrument demonstration of all the beginning band instruments they can choose to play this year
    • After hearing and seeing the instruments, your child, if interested will have the opportunity to sign up to try several instruments of his/her choice.  Trying an instrument in no way obligates your child to join the band program.  This tryout session is designed to help your child select an instrument
    • If your child did not sign up to try an instrument, but is interested in doing so please have him/her see me during the school day.
    • During the month of September I will be scheduling appointments during the school day for all those students interested in trying an instrument.  At your child's appointment they will be given a form for you to complete and return to school if your child is going to play an instrument this year.  Also, information about renting an instrument will also be sent home with your child after their tryout appointment. 

    Beginning Band Parent Meeting

    • If your child is planning on play an instrument in 4th grade please plan on attending the Beginning Band Parent Meeting on Monday, October 3, 2022 at 7pm in the Elementary school cafeteria.  Important information about the elementary instrumental program as well as instrument rental information will be presented at the meeting.


    Instrument Videos

    Please click on the link below each picture to see and hear the instruments you can choose from to play in the 4th grade band.  


       Woodwind Instruments          Brass Instruments         Percussion Instruments  

    Woodwind Instrument video                Brass Instrument video                Percussion Instrument video


    Why participate in Band?

    • Be part of a team and learn to work towards common goals
    • Band students learn to be responsible, persistent, collaborative, patient, and creative
    • Learning to play an instrument is FUN!


    How the Program Works:

    • Students will have one small group lesson every six-day cycle.  Students will be assigned a lesson day.  4th grade lessons are given on cycle days 2, 4, & 6
    • Lessons are scheduled throughout the school day.  Lesson times are rotated every cycle so students are not missing the same time period every cycle.  Lessons are not scheduled during special classes (i.e. art, gym, music, etc.)
    • Students will be responsible for knowing their lesson time and attending their lesson on time.  The new lesson schedule will be posted every day 1.
    • Students are expected to practice at home in between lessons.  Students should practice four days a week for 15 minutes.  
    • In addition to their small group lesson, students will have three band rehearsals each cycle.  Band rehearsals typically start after Thanksgiving break.  More information about band rehearsals and a band rehearsal schedule will be communicated to parents.  
    • Students will work towards performing on one or two concerts. Concert dates will be communciated with parents at a later date.
    • Students are expected to make a commitment to band for the entire year.  Learning to play an instrument can be challenging at first, so if your child becomes frustrated please let me know and I will help your child.  Please do not allow your child to drop out during the school year.  


    Recommended Instrument Brands

    Getting a good quality instrument is important to the success of your child.  Please go to a music store (or website) which specializes in selling instruments.  If you choose to shop online please know there are poor quality instruments sold online at a very cheap price.  It is important that the instrument you choose is easy to play, reliable, in tune, and repairable.

    If you already have a used instrument at home that your child will be playing, please take the instrument to a qualified repair person to have it checked.  The instrument should be in “good playing condition.”  I can provide a list of repair persons if needed.
    Flute                             Trumpet
    Armstrong                       Bach
    Blessing                          Benge
    Bundy                             Blessing
    Emerson                         Bundy
    Gemeinhardt                   Conn
    Jupiter                            Holton
    Olds                               Jupiter
    Selmer                           King
    Yamaha                          Olds
    Clarinet                      French Horn
    Artley                          Bach
    Buffet                          Conn
    Jupiter                         Holton
    Leblanc                        Jupiter
    Olds                             King
    Selmer                         Olds
    Yamaha                        Yamaha
    Alto Sax                        Trombone / Baritone
    Blessing                          Bach
    Conn                              Blessing
    Jupiter                            Conn
    King                               Holton
    Selmer                           Jupiter
    Yamaha                          King
    Snare Drum                Bells - Students will need a 2 1/2 octave bell set
    Ludwig                         Conn
    Pearl                            Ludwig            
    Yamaha                        Pearl          
    Mapex (Jupiter)            Yamaha