How To Help

  • SV has a very strong alumni base and has a strong sense of community. Through giving back, you can make a lasting impact on the students and the SV Education community for years to come. You can make a one-time donation or give a monthly gift to the foundation. The proceeds can be designated to be used towards one of the pillars or for the general fund. 


    Our Pillars We are Funding:                                                                                                                                                                       

    • Opportunities for Innovation
    • Advocate for Technology
    • Experiences
    • Scholarships
    • General fund- for anyone who wishes to donate to the funds to be used toward any of the initiatives below.


    Initiatives the SV Education Foundation is looking to help fund based on feedback from students and staff:

    • Reinactors – historical figures
    • Field Trips – Independence Hall, Science Centers, etc.
    • Walking trail around the schools
    • National teacher conferences
    • New playground structures
    • Speakers/ Author Visits
    • Life Stations – pick out a job, car, house, cell plans, insurance, etc.
    • Murals
    • Cultural Experiences with Music and Art
    • Pottery/Painting events with students (transportation provided)