Meet the School Board of Directors

  • 2022 School Board of Directors

    Front row left to right: Mrs. Linda R. Lash, Mr. David E. Moll, Mr. Paul L. Bendigo, Mrs. Nicoleen M. Kleffel.
    Back row left to right: Mr. Bryan J. O'Donnell, Mr. Alfonso F. Rossi, Superintendent Dr. Cathy L. Taschner, Mr. George H. Mertz III, Mr. Robert M. Dempsey, Mr. G. Dane Miller.


    Board committees generally meet the third Monday of the month at 6:30 PM. Board meetings are generally held the fourth Monday of the month at 7:00 PM. Meetings are held in the Schuylkill Valley High School Auxiliary Cafeteria. You can access the agenda through Board Docs.

    View the 2023 School Board Meeting Schedule.

    Board Committee Membership

    Budget and Finance

    • Paul L. Bendigo, Chair
    • Robert M. Dempsey
    • Nicoleen M. Kleffel
    • Bryan J. O'Donnell

    Buildings and Grounds

    • Alfonso F. Rossi, Chair
    • Paul L. Bendigo
    • Robert M. Dempsey
    • George H. Mertz III

    Curriculum and Technology

    • G. Dane Miller, Chair
    • Nicoleen M. Kleffel
    • Linda R. Lash
    • Bryan J. O'Donnell

    Student Services and Activities

    • Nicoleen M. Kleffel, Chair
    • Linda R. Lash
    • George H. Mertz III
    • G. Dane Miller

    Policy, Personnel and Public Relations

    • George H. Mertz III, Chair
    • Paul L. Bendigo
    • Linda R. Lash
    • Alfonso F. Rossi

    Contact the Board

    Persons wishing to contact a board member may do so in writing.



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    District Administration
    Schuylkill Valley School District
    929 Lakeshore Drive
    Leesport, PA 19533-8631


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