• Physical Exam

    Students interested in participating in an interscholastic sport are required to have a comprehensive physical examination completed by a licensed physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant before the first practice each year and a recertification which will be completed by our team physician, the Comprehensive AthleticTreatment Center.Schuylkill Valley offers physicals at the high school for a nominal cost prior to each season.Physicals are valid for one year and can only be completed after June 1.
    Students must turn in a white Pre-Participation Physical Exam Form the first time they play a sport during a given school year. That form can be printed by clicking "First Physical of the School Year" below. If a student plays a second or third sport during the same school year, he must register for that sport by filling out a blue Recertification form. That form can be printed by clicking "Second & Third Physicals of the School Year." These forms are also available in the high school office, middle school office and athletic office and should be return to any of the aforementioned places.
    Last Modified on May 2, 2013