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    General Safety and Class Rules

    General Lab/Shop Safety Rules for Mr. Mohn's Tech. Ed. Class

    1.   Students must have permission from the teacher to work in the lab at any time.

    2.   Safety glasses or goggles must be worn.

    3.   Dress appropriately - roll up shirtsleeves, tuck in loose clothing, no coats worn in lab. (Aprons are available to protect clothing.)  Do not wear loose or dangling jewelry.

    4.   Keep work area clean, neat, and complete assigned clean-up jobs at the end of the period.

    5.   Walk at all times - NEVER run.  (no horseplay)

    6.   Students must pass safety tests and ask permission before using machines.

    7.   No talking to other students while operating machines -- observe all safety lines and marked safety zones.  Do not walk away from a machine that is running (on).

    8.   Handle tools properly and use them for correct purposes.  Never cut toward your body or point any sharp object at your body or anyone else.

    9.   Report any material or equipment damage to teacher.

    10. Report any injuries to the teacher.


    Class rules:

    1.   Students are to enter the room in an orderly manner and get in their assigned seats.  Students must have their notebook, a pencil, and assignment book at their seat. (Note -- no pens or markers are allowed on the classroom side of the room.)

    2.   Students must come prepared for class.  Every time a student is unprepared, his/her final grade will be affected.

    3.   Students must keep a notebook and must keep track of their own grades.

    4.   It is the student’s responsibility to make up work missed due to an absence. 

    5.   Assignments must be turned in on time for full credit.  A student may turn in an assignment the following school day for half credit. After that, the student will not receive credit for that assignment.  If a student is absent the day an assignment is due, the assignment must be turned in the very next school day or it will be considered late.  Students must give presentations on the assigned date.  If the student is absent, then he/she must give the presentation in the next class.

    6.   Students must follow all safety rules and act responsibly.

    7.   Students must show respect and be courteous towards the teacher, themselves, other students, and the equipment in the room.

    8.   Students must keep their work area clean and neat.

    9.   All other school rules apply. 


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