• Welcome to Mrs. Wolfinger's Class!


    I am a Learning Support Teacher here at Schuylkill Valley. Students receive Reading, Writing, and Math instruction and support when in my room. Instruction is provided in small groups throughout the day at each student's level. Programs utilized include Wilson Fundations, Edmark Reading, WonderWorks Intervention and Merrill Reading. Other instruction includes guided reading, sight word rings, fluency instruction, and rocket math. 

    Students receive homework daily, Monday through Thursday. They are expected to complete their reading and math homework each night and return it to school the next day. Students who do no complete their homework must stay in during recess until it is finished. Students' homework and homework log should be checked and signed nightly by parents. At times, parents will be expected to assist their child in completing their homework by dictating words and sentences aloud to their child for spelling. Please be sure to check their homework to see if this is necessary.